Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Watercolor for Card Makers - Intermediate Techniques

I had some time to watch another lesson from this wonderful class and give it a try and I really enjoyed it!  In Lesson 2, Dawn taught us how to embrace the water and its unpredictability!  I used Peerless Watercolors and Canson Aquarelle watercolor paper for this one. Here is my version of the pear background that she taught in class...

As usual, one wasn't enough so I had to try some more.  I was thinking about Easter and Peeps and tried the technique using Peeps for my background design.  I tried using multiple colors but didn't like multi-colored peeps so I gave up and didn't go too crazy with color on this one. I used Koi Watercolors and Strathmore watercolor paper.  I used fun foam to pop up the letters.  They are from MFT and I thought the tiny holes in the letters wouldn't work with the fun foam, but they did and perfectly!  Here is the card...

Since I had everything out on my table and I had the time, I just kept playing and made another background with butterflies.  I drew the butterfly and I'm not really too happy with it, but I do like how the water and the paints blended together for this one!  

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  1. Wonderful cards Janet! It's definitely looks like you've got the hang of the watercolour technique you watched. I think your butterflies look lovely and the fun foam works a treat. Debra x