Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Window Card

 This card is made from one sheet of cardstock and the pumpkin image is suspended on black thread so you can twist it up before putting it in the envelope so it will spin and scare the person opening it!!  I love that!  

The windows on this template are what intrigued me.  I love how they line up and one is bigger than the other.  Lots of possibilities which make it one of my favorite kinds of layouts.  I also like how you end up with 3 different pages in one card!  I'd have to go and look up the company that makes the template and stamps.  I know I got them at Stampfest in Orlando.  If you NEED to know send me a message and I'll send you the information, ok?

Elzybelles Magic Marquee Card

It's so sad that Elzybelles closed up shop.  They made some of my favorite stamps.  This card is called a Magic Marquee.  I learned how to make it in Julie Ebersole's class, "Fold It, Pop It, Flip It, Zip It"  at HOWnow School of Creative Arts....loved this class!!!  The circle in the middle is covered when the card is closed, but when you open it...the circle opens to reveal the image underneath!!  It's kind of magical and pretty easy to make!

Hero Arts Floating Window Card

This card was a little difficult to photograph.  Even though you can't really see it, there is an acetate window on which the butterfly inchies sit, so there is about 1/4 inch of clear shiny acetate all around the butterflies.  It gives a different dimension to this card that I really like!  On the inside I hid another butterfly behind the solid image on the front!

There She Goes

I love dogs.  I don't know how anyone can resist them!  I got the Puppy Love stamp set from There She Goes because it is so darn cute!  It's fun to look at, fun to color and just the right size to use in all kinds of layouts!

Inky Antics Chef Stamps

The stamps in the Inky Antics Chef series are a riot.  The images are adorable and the greetings are cute and funny.  I knew as soon as I saw them that I needed them!  I tried to make a link in case you wanted to look at all the different chef sets, but their website seems to be down right now.  They aren't hard to find though, just go to and you'll be able to find them!

Tea Light Birthday Cakes

Aren't these little light up birthday cakes darling?  It's amazing what you can make with paper, punches and glue!  Thanks to Tina A. for teaching me how to make them.  I showed them to my Mother-in-Law when she was visiting and she needed to have 12 to bring back home to all her friends!

Dress the Baby

I had to post this because it makes me laugh!  My friend, Kathy gave me the head of a baby and asked me to dress it.  She was going to a baby shower and one of the activities was to bring the little baby dressed in all kinds of outfits,  fun...right??!!  After asking questions about the parents and their interests, I decided on making a little Donald Trump baby!!  

More Herringbone

Here's another card I made on the herringbone background.  It looks good with any kind of stamped image.  I have to get out my scraps and make some more!