Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kim's Brusho Card

Hi Everyone,

Today I have a card that my friend, Kim, made.  Thanks Kim!!  I've been looking at and been curious about a product that I've heard about called Brushos.  You can get these on line from Dick Blick.  Kathy from Happy Little Stampers told me about them a while ago and I did some research and really liked them, but didn't buy any.  Last month at Violette's I saw a similar product by Ken Oliver called Color Burst.  Again I didn't buy any.  I convinced myself I didn't need them because of all of the other coloring mediums I have!!  Can you relate?  Then Kim sent me a card.  Oh boy, now I'm thinking that I need these and I need them soon!  Here's Kim's card...

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!  All that color is the perfect backdrop for this little fairy! I like the big splotches of color and the tiny ones!  I'm so happy Kim gave me permission to share her card with you.  I know there are some Brushos or Color Bursts in my future!!  If you are a fan of these I'd love to hear about what you are doing with them.  Please leave a comment and let me know...or leave a link so I can visit and see how you are using them!

Thanks for visiting and keep stamping!!


  1. That's a gorgeous card, Kim is very talented. Now on the subject of brushos, of course you need them in all the colours as soon as possible lol. Hugs, Amanda x

  2. Wonderful card from Kim! The colours look gorgeous and are definitely a need never mind a want crafty product, lol. I'd get them as soon as possible and get playing with them if I was you. I'll be waiting to see what fabulous creations you make with them. Debra :) x