Saturday, July 26, 2014

Doctor Graduation

Our son finished his medical residency in June and we attended the graduation.  We are so very proud of him and all his accomplishments.  It was a very happy day.  Here is the card that I made for him…

The sentiments are both from My Favorite Things.  Sorry but I didn't write down the other supplies I used for this one.


  1. This is great Janet! Such a lovely sentiment and fab layout. I don't know if my son will have a residency graduation, I'll ask him but knowing him he'll have no idea. Have a great day. Debra x

  2. Hi again. Just to say I've put the Graduation cards I made on my blog. As you'll see your card was far superior to mine and I cheated and bought the box cards to decorate but my lads and their girlfriends liked them so I'm happy. Thanks again for your brilliant design. Oh and I've asked Chris but as far as he knows they don't have a residency graduation. Debra x